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The media industry is undergoing a huge transformation powered by new services, devices and infrastructure enabled by internet enabled networks, which is affecting how, where and in what way video content is consumed. We are only at the start of this evolution and Edit TV have extensive cross-experience within the media industry to help understand the challenge and benefit from the opportunity that disruption brings. 

We work globally with technology and service vendors, broadcasters and service providers to transform their business strategies, enter new markets, create new opportunities and redesign their product and content strategies. We are well versed in the latest technology, regulatory and creative trends most relative to media executives today, whether this is a major new features roadmap in a global vendor middleware platform that affords new experience creation, digitisation trends for new entrants to the services provider market to capitalise on or regulatory developments in China for video streaming.

We are as adept at developing content strategies taking advantage of new device specific windows for broadcasters as we are at refining go to market strategies in media technology for large vendors. As the market boundaries between technology, media and telecommunications continue to blur, Edit TV remains at the forefront of all three industries to bring value to our clients. 

To talk to us about how we can help your business or project, contact us at services@edit.tv

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