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Edit TV Media Platform

Edit TV Media Platform

Deploying the Edit TV Media Platform locally or in the cloud enables you to use big data to create, manage and distribute rich metadata about your content, to enhance and monetise your video or audio content, and compliment this with outsourced metadata creation and management services. 

Metadata can be used by content archives, broadcasters, brands and advertisers, IPTV, cable, satellite and OTT service providers, search and recommendation services and EPG providers to enrich services.

These include interactive TV, social TV and companion applications across any screen, EPGs, search, discovery and recommendation engines, content personalisation services, targeted advertising services, video search tools and licensing and acquisition platforms. 

Edit TV's cutting edge patent protected algorithms can automate parts of the content tagging process, integrating proprietary metadata models and detection technologies including face recognition, speech recognition, mood detection and image analysis. 


Edit TV Media Platform allows you to create rich scene based metadata for your content:

  • view live, on-demand and archive content feeds online or offline
  • ingest third party XML information and synchronise against video 
  • automatically tag content feeds live or on-demand
  • manually review, edit and create event based metadata


Edit TV Media Platform allows the management and integration of third party TV engines:

  • content metadata search and curation
  • playlist creation
  • reporting and user profiling
  • integrate new data services, channels, content types or shows


Edit TV Media Platform gives you the base to monetise your content better by easily distributing to internet enabled platforms and applications:

  • Integrate with third party advertising networks for event based, personalised video advertising
  • Integrate with social TV apps for event/scene based features
  • Push metadata into search and recommendation engines
  • Push metadata into remote control apps, companion apps
  • Video navigation libraries to integrate into IPTV, mobile and tablet apps
  • Push into user CRM profile database 

To learn more, or to speak to our technical pre-sales team, get in touch mediaplatform@edit.tv