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International Patents

 Edit TV's work in the field of video began in the early 1990s, and that body of research has lead to the company building a broad portfolio of granted patents in areas such as icon driven video search, navigation, playback, logging, tagging and insertion advertising across multiple platforms and screens.

At Edit TV, we are constantly looking for new innovations to enhance the ways consumers and enterprises can interact with video content, which has resulted in the granting of patents in international territories including UK, Germany, Australia and France with many patents pending.

Further details of Australian patents can be found at www.ipaustralia.gov.au

EPO Patent 1010321 granted September 8th 2004, Germany Patent 1010321, France Patent 1010321, United Kingdom Patent 1010321.

EPO Patent 1445950 granted February 25th 2009, Germany Patent 1445950, Spain Patent 1445950, France Patent 1445950, United Kingdom Patent 1445950, Italy Patent 1445950. 

EPO Patent 1289292 granted April 27th 2005, Germany Patent 1289292, France Patent 1289292, United Kingdom Patent 1289292.

EPO Patent 1294190 granted April 27th 2005. Germany Patent 1294190, France Patent 1294190, United Kingdom 1294190.

Hong Kong Patent 1067268 granted August 14th 2009

Australia Patent 756765 granted 10th July 1998

Australia Patent 2003203839 granted February 10th 2006.

Australia Patent 2003203840 granted February 10th 2006.

For more information on IP licensing, contact our legal team at legal@edit.tv

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